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In Slipstream, Streamers captain a massive starship. Viewers are their crew. Together they explore the galaxy, fight aliens, and operate the ship in real-time.

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Slipstream: Rogue Space is a multiplayer experience that mixes familiar gameplay elements in a new and innovative way. It's a game that's designed to be played by streamers and their communities. It's the most fun streamer-led game out there, here's why:

Wildly asymmetrical gameplay

One player takes on the role of captain of a starship. Up to 120 players join as their trusty crew.

Designed for streaming communities

Teamwork and communication are key on this journey. In Slipstream, your community will come together and play in a way that no other game has allowed before.

Real-time interaction

This game isn't controlled by entering chat commands. Slipstream is fully interactive and real-time, a real game, immersing you in a dynamic universe

Everyone can play

Slipstream: Rogue Space is in open beta! The game can be streamed anywhere; Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, etc, and players can join from any device (iOS, Android, or via Steam on desktop)

Check out these videos to learn more about Slipstream.


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